The Keys to Identifying the Top Online Business Opportunities

Online businesses are one of the largest growth industries at the moment and none more so than in Australia. There are thousands wanting to find financial freedom, break free from the constraints of the 9 to 5 working life and literally fire their bosses. But it is important to know how to identify the scams from the legitimate top online business opportunities. Historically 97% of online businesses fail so it is important to be able to identify the key features to look out for to establish a successful business. Here are the main key features to identifying the top online business opportunities in Australia:The product of the business should be unique and in high demand.The company needs to offer something new to the market not just regurgitating the same vitamin, health shake or skin treatment that is offered by multiple other online businesses. Not only will you will be trying to build your new company in the online market but you will be competing with established companies with years of marketing experience. The top online business opportunities will be unique to the market place but also offering a product that is in high demand. Ask yourself would you buy it? Would I benefit from this product?The business needs to be financially beneficial to you through its compensation plans. The top online business opportunities will have high upfront commission rates as well as residual income streams. The online market is a competitive market place, it takes work and commitment, contrary to the hyped up claims out there of making thousands on 7mins a day of work. You will need the financially rewarding income stream or you will very quickly burn your self out. Top online business opportunities will always offer this to ensure that your business is financially viable and sustainable.The business must have an established and proven marketing system. This is probably the most important aspect to identifying a top online business opportunity. This is the area where 97% of online businesses fail. Despite the best unique product if you do not have the know how to market it your business will fail. Make sure your business offers an established, tried and tested marketing system. The top online business opportunities will have a marketing system that, once set up, can be easily duplicated to cut down on repetition.Training and support must always be available at all times of operating your business. Top online business opportunities should offer full training in their marketing system as well as a full support system. Unless you are an experienced online marketer you are about to undergo one of the steepest learning curves in your life. You must make sure that your business opportunity will train you and support your through out this curve 24/7. Top online businesses opportunities will have a team of experienced marketers available to you to make sure when you trip you will not fall.The business must be expanding. Top online business opportunities will be expanding or have room to expand not only in Australia but internationally. It should also have the flexibility of being able to easily ship your product globally. If it doesn’t have the room to expand the market will be in danger of becoming flooded quickly and will result in your unique product being swamped by the competition.A top online business opportunity will have a credible management. Be vigilant of researching the businesses company management. You will not want to spend your precious time and energy establishing your business to have it destroyed by incompetent management. Research the company’s management thoroughly and trust your gut feelings. Online businesses opportunities should have a good track record and have you feeling confident in their company’s management.Have a look at the businesses bigger picture. Top online business opportunities believe in the greater picture not just the individuals operating it. A business is “greater than just the sum of its parts”. They believe in enhancing the community and will be involved in such things as charitable events and improving standards of living. After all you are entering a potentially life changing business, make sure its one you can be proud of.These are the keys to identifying the best online businesses. There are lot of businesses on the online market offering the world but very few deliver the goods to be able to succeed in such a competitive market place. If your business satisfies these keys then you can be confident that it is a top online business.One online business opportunity that is standing out from the crowd satisfying all the keys discussed, revolutionizing the internet and is enabling thousands to establish successful businesses and literally fire their bosses. Visit my website listed below to find the business that satisfied all of these key points for me.

Home Improvement – Green Living for 2012

‘Home Improvement’ is a pretty broad term. ‘Green Living’ is too. The combination of Home Improvement – Green Living is much narrower and what better time to think about these concepts than at the dawn of a new year?Green Living represents a lifestyle that involves thinking about the benefit of the Earth as a whole. But for those who want to be in the green mindset, every step towards a green way of thinking is beneficial. Below are some great, easy steps that can be incorporated into our homes to move towards the goal of Green Living. Celebrate every small step you take because it is the attempt to accomplish the Green Living goal that is important. And your home will receive great improvement in the process!1. Be an energy miser Seal doors and windows to make sure heating and cooling efforts stay inside and not leak into the great outdoors.2. Use your landscape. Well placed trees and shrubs can alter the energy efficiency of a home by as much as 45%. Foundation shrubs should surround the home but not actually touch the house. This allows enough air circulation in the warmer months to avoid mold problems and provides protection from cold winter winds that whip around your home. Also, shade trees cool the home in the summer yet allow sunlight to warm the house in the winter when the leaves are gone.3. Eliminate phantom energy zappers. Many electronics constantly pull electricity when they are plugged in whether they are in use or not. A cell phone charger continues to pull electricity even after it is charged. Surge protectors are constantly pulling electricity so once the items plugged into them get what they need, turn the surge protectors off.4. Produce the least amount of garbage possible. The easiest and very best way to reduce garbage production is to have a compost pile. Everything that is edible – except animal products (meat, dairy, fats) can be placed in a compost pile and used to create healthy, balanced soil conditioner for your yard. Another way to eliminate waste is to minimize packaging such as using reusable bags at the grocery store. Be mindful when purchasing items and intentionally choose things with the least amount of packaging – especially avoiding plastics whenever possible.5. Watch water usage. Do not run the water while brushing your teeth; only run the dishwasher when it is full; and take quick, efficient showers. Don’t use excess water when washing clothes and absolutely do not water the sidewalk or driveway when watering the yard.6. Do not use toxic pesticides! Toxic, synthetic pesticides are incredibly harmful to us and the environment. They are colorless and odorless so we aren’t even aware we are inhaling, absorbing, or ingesting them. Do not allow them to be used in your home as they are poison which is the polar opposite of being green.Here are some quick ideas of Home Improvements that can be made towards Green Living. Incorporating these into your world moves you closer to the goal of making your home a Green Living example.